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great pvp server game

If you haven’t heard already, Agario is a browser-based game that was originally created by a user on steam named. The game is completely free to play and all you have to do to play is visit agario. Agario is still very new, but it has been growing rapidly. I’m playing. Your friends are playing. Even your teachers are playing. Everyone, everywhere, is playing. Okay, maybe not literally.

The purpose of Agario is simple. As soon as you select a name and a server, you will spawn as a tiny colored blob. You will drift around and encounter small pellets, which you should eat to grow.

When you grow large enough, you can also absorb other players as well, but only if you are bigger than them. You will see that as you absorb more and more blobs, your own blob gets larger and larger. While you are looking to absorb smaller blobs, however, larger blobs will also look to absorb you. The objective of Agar is to try to avoid getting eaten and to grow as big as you can. The game’s simplistic, yet tactical, play-style lures people in, causing them to spend hours and hours playing.Smile

this web site : http://agario.link