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Liverpool announced that the first person to leave winter window 8,000,000 new aid loan went to La L

Liverpool announced that the first person to leave winter window 8,000,000 new aid loan went to La Liga

Beijing January 20 evening, the Liverpool club officially announced the Portuguese defender Tiago – Iloilo in the form of loan will be leaving the team to join on loan to Spanish club Granada end of the season. It is worth mentioning that the young defender in the summer transfer window on the last day last year to


> Premiership “

FA Cup Player of heart burst down the track C Lo pray for you

> FA players in the arena of heart burst down C Lo: pray for you


Birthday: 1988.4.6

Height: 188cm

Weight: 78kg

Position: Midfielder

Career: 2002 Arsenal youth academy trained with Arsenal in October 2005 signed a contract of his career; 2008 worth 500 million pounds move to Bolton from Birmingham club, so far Bolton played a total of presentatives.

happened suddenly

Beijing yesterday morning, FA Cup al home game against Bolton Tottenham to the first 4utes, the visiting team midfielder Mwamba (also translated as the media, “Muamba”) cataplexy , once stopped breathing and was carried away to the hospital emergency stretcher team, when the value of referee Webb immediately suspend the game, and then, according to British media revealed Mwamba was diagnosed with heart problems. But until this morning newspaper deadline, yet the news that he is out of danger.

fell to the ground without direct physical contact

wearing jersey No. 6 Bolton Mwamba, is in the absence of physical contact with others, suddenly fell to the ground in shock and lost consciousness, stopped breathing. A total of six teams of emergency medical personnel immediately admission for treatment, artificial respiration on him, and try to use defibrillator tried to revive him. But the players were born in the Congo failed to wake up after six minutes of treatment, the stretcher team for Mwamba wear oxygen masks rushed to hospital.

referee Webb and Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp and Bolton manager Coyle after emergency consultations, decided to suspend the game, rescheduled. At this point, the score was 1:1.

deteriorated after admission

Mwamba after admission, London Chester hospital immediately organize experts for consultation and emergency treatment. Two hours later, the situation has improved Mwamba resume breathing with the help of the instrument under, but awareness has not yet awake. But just an hour later, Mwamba condition suddenly deteriorated and dying.

Bolton Club and Chester hospital immediately issued a joint statement saying: ” Manchester Mwamba was found in London Chester Hospital Heart Center in critical condition, is currently in intensive care ward for observation. Clubs and hospitals urge the media and the public at this time allowed the family to retain privacy. “It is reported Mwamba had never had such symptoms.

Watch the scene

3 people chanted his name opponents break out crying

Mwamba witnessed the fall scene, Bolton and Tottenham players, the staff of the two clubs and nearly 30,000 fans all shocked.

Tottenham fullback Hector hand over his mouth, as if in front of this scene can not believe what happened; Spurs general Rafael van der Vaart hands covered his nose and mouth, he obviously has not had time to to accept the immediate scene, held his breath; Bolton boss Coyle first hand over his eyes did not dare look, he later clutching his heart and when the value of referee Webb investigate what seems to be a reminder Mwamba heart out some problems.

and face the pain is undoubtedly the most Spurs striker Jermain Defoe England international, he first lifted his shirt covered her face, wiping the tears eye, after due unquenchable grief, Defoe altogether pour Bell’s arms and cried bitterly, expression is very sad.

scene nearly 30,000 fans chanted the name of their Mwamba praying, some fans stared watching the game, most of it is covered his cheeks not accept this reality. The scene is shot to capture the fans a very old woman, she is difficult to suppress tears of grief hearts soared directly, broke down and cried, and then he rubbed the tears, while lean on the side of the male partner’s shoulders tears. At that moment there is no football, no victory, no borders, everyone was Mwamba blessing.

pray for you

C Lo: Now I am a Bolton team

Manchester City 3 degrees chase a superstar hit 30 million this winter to deny poaching Barcelona Sh

Manchester City 3 degrees chase a superstar hit 30 million this winter to deny poaching Barcelona Shuangjie
Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini after becoming

want to sign a player a lot, but the most exceptional circumstances relative De Rossi, during the past two years, the club twice Buy Mancini De Rossi, but for various reasons, Manchester has been unable to reach a consensus with the Club of Rome. However, twice hitting the wall but still allow Mancini refused to give up. According to “The Sun” has revealed that Mancini determined to third invitation to De Rossi.

Mancini idea is to next year after the winter transfer window opens in January Rossi will start the acquisition, then Manchester City will bid up to 30 million pounds, while Manchester City have also been intimated, as long as Germany Rossi agrees to complete the transfer, and that the name of 29 year old Italian international will be able to get up to