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Developing State-enabled Applications With PHP

by: John L

Installment 1

Developing State-enabled Applications With PHP

When a user is browsing through a website and is surfing from one web page to another, sometimes the website needs to remember the actions (e.g. choices) performed by the user. For example, in a website that sells DVDs, the user typically browses through a list of DVDs and selects individual DVDs for check out at the end of the shopping session. The website needs to remember which DVDs the user has selected because the selected items needs to be presented again to the user when the user checks out. In other words, the website needs to remember the State – i.e. the selected items – of the user’s browsing activities. (more…)

For Automated Sites PHP and MySQL are A Perfect Match

by: Halstatt Pires

You’ve decided to automate your web site. Now what? Here are some ideas to help you choose how to automate your site.

A bit of programming is going to be necessary if you want to automate a site. There are many types of programs that can be used to automate a web site including JavaScript, PHP, Perl, ASP, Java and more. So, which do you use? For many, it is a personal choice.

I prefer PHP for programming. PHP is a particularly useful programming language because it allows for advanced programming and is easy to integrate with web pages. Another plus of PHP is that the language interfaces very well with MySQL, a popular type of online database. (more…)

How to Create a Consistent Web Site with PHP, Using PHP to Display and Format Web Pages

by: Mark Alexander Bain

One of the most important parts of building any web site is ensuring that all the web pages that it contains have a consistent look and feel. For example each page may require:

  • the same header to be displayed
  • the same footer to be displayed
  • sames links to be displayed down the side of the page.

This can, of course, be done by editing the HTML in each page (which is time consuming) or by using frames (which is not particularly popular). However, it can be also achieved by using just a few lines of PHP code. (more…)