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Facts about Lasik Surgery

When it comes to the five senses an individual possesses, one of the most important is vision. The ability to see well is critical to having the highest quality of life. This may involve the need of Lasik surgery and can be performed by an expert in the area, Dr alejandro espaillat.Are you a Candidate for Lasik Surgery?A candidate for Lasik surgery is an individual which relies on glasses on a regular basis. Vision problems, which, requires corrective vision care may be treated effectively by Lasik surgery. Schedule a consultation with Dr alejandro espaillat to be evaluated for this corrective surgery.A good candidate for this surgery will be least 18 years old, in good health and your eyes should be healthy. The consultation will completely identify an individual’s eligibility for Lasik eye surgery.Commonly asked Questions about Lasik SurgeryA common question asked by many patients involves if pain with the surgery. The majority of patients will not feel any pain during the procedure because optical drops are used to numb the eye.The time involved for the recovery of the procedure is another question commonly asked regarding Lasik. Many patients are able to continue daily activities as soon as the day after surgery. The normal healing time for this surgery is between 24-48 hours.Many vision patients want to know if both eyes can be treated on the same visit. Yes, it is entirely possible to have Lasik completed on both eyes during the same procedure.Finally, contact Dr alejandro espaillat today to start seeing better tomorrow.