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New Constructions in Cellular Automata

David Griffeath
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI
Cristopher Moore
Santa Fe Institute
Santa Fe, NM
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Santa Fe Institute
Studies in the Sciences of Complexity

A volume in the
Santa Fe Institute
Studies in the Sciences of Complexity

Copyright © 2003 by Oxford University Press, Inc.
ISBN 0-19-513717-5; ISBN 0-19-513718-3 (pbk.)


This book is the long-awaited proceedings of a conference, held at the Santa Fe
Institute in December, 1998, and sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
“New Constructions in Cellular Automata” brought people together to discuss
topics ranging from modeling physics and economics, to reversible computation,
to the latest discoveries of bugs, puffers, and all the flora and fauna of the cellular
automaton world. (more…)

Exploring Geographic Parameter Space With A Gis Implementation Of Cellular Automata

by: Vivienne Cole & Jochen Albrecht

Many of the recent studies of vegetation spread and the invasion of introduced species incorporate GIS and some form of dynamic modelling in one- or two-dimensional space. Most work, however, concentrates on presenting a predetermined model in an abstract computer simulation environment. The focus has been on the system’s ability to display the model (results), as opposed to its ability to develop or compose a model, acting as a creative tool in an applied situation. The research presented in this paper uses a GIS-based cellular automata (CA) framework to study and create an applied and ecologically significant model of spread for the invasive plant species Rhamnus alaternus. (more…)