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Physics by Computer

Programming Physical Problems
Using Mathematica and C

by. Wolfgang Kinzel, Georg Reents

Nowadays the computer is an important tool in physics. The acquisition and analysis of extensive experimental data and the control of complex experiments are hardly imaginable without the use of computers. In theoretical
physics the computer has turned from a mere calculator to a comprehensive tool. Graphical displays, numerical and algebraic solutions of equations, and extensive simulations of microscopic models have become important methods for the exploration of the laws of physics.
The computer, however, is not just a tool, it also offers new perspectives and opens new areas of research. Until recently physicists generally described nature with differential equations; nowadays discrete algorithms are also used.
For some apparently simple physical models there are only numerical answers so far. We know universal laws that any high school student can reproduce on a pocket calculator, for which there is, however, no analytical theory (yet?).
In addition to this, the computer opens up new fields to physics: neural networks, combinatorial optimization, biological evolution, formation of fractal structures, and self-organized criticality are just some of the topics from the growing field of complex systems. (more…)

New Constructions in Cellular Automata

David Griffeath
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI
Cristopher Moore
Santa Fe Institute
Santa Fe, NM
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Santa Fe Institute
Studies in the Sciences of Complexity

A volume in the
Santa Fe Institute
Studies in the Sciences of Complexity

Copyright © 2003 by Oxford University Press, Inc.
ISBN 0-19-513717-5; ISBN 0-19-513718-3 (pbk.)


This book is the long-awaited proceedings of a conference, held at the Santa Fe
Institute in December, 1998, and sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
“New Constructions in Cellular Automata” brought people together to discuss
topics ranging from modeling physics and economics, to reversible computation,
to the latest discoveries of bugs, puffers, and all the flora and fauna of the cellular
automaton world. (more…)