Faculty of Dentistry -University of Hasanuddin was founded in 1983. The first dean was Halimah Daeng Sikati,DDS.x

Until now has more than 1500 graduate of dentists. From year to year, We always improving the quality of educational and facilities. We hope student can enjoy their study in here.


Center for human development, science and technology, art and culture that excelled in the dentistry with the spirit of maritime continent.


To realize this vision, set a mission to prepare and develop future dentists that:

  1. Having the ability to implement and disseminate science and technology of dentistry based on ethics and morals.
  2. Improving the quality of learning with competency-based SCL method and provide a quality learning environment to support the learning of innovative and proactive.
  3. Responsive to changes and developments of science and technology of dentistry.


  1. Implement and develop a learning system based SCL
    1. Increased academic ability in learning-based SCL.
    2. Improving the quality of learning facilities.
    3. Improving the quality and effectiveness of PBM.
  2. Increased activity of faculty and students in national and international academic forums.
    1. Increasing insight, knowledge and academic experience of faculty and students in PT both in and outside the country.
    2. MHS Encourage and facilitate participation in various national and international events.
  3. Improving the research culture for faculty and student quality and sustainable.
    1. Encourage and facilitate research and publishing culture.
  4. Implement and develop a learning system at the level of the profession with an effective, efficient and timely manner based on competency.
    1. Increasing levels of on-time graduation rate profession.