Analysis regarding the capabilities of Semarang Police Precincts, the other day, was revealed by a team of researchers from Undaris Ungaran. Undaris Ungaran Chancellor, Dr. Lamijan stated, an analysis similar to that which had been held began in 2015. As well as the results, if witnessed the trend tends to rise from year to year.

“How do we see the power we serve, not only considered by ourselves. However, it needs to include external parts to the point that they are more objective. As well as from our analysis, the ability of the Semarang police station is at level 79, 71 or in the good fat group, “said Dr Lamijan, completing the results of analysis and analysis on Semarang Police Chief, AKBP Adi Sumirat at Semarang Police Precinct Meeting Area, Tuesday (7/5 )

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Meaning, there is a good change of ability in the last three years. Regarding the analysis variables that make it basic, among others, the speed of addressing data or giving the public response that manages the loss of info. Furthermore, related to service members in all sides, units, to units in serving and protecting people.

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Responding to the results of the analysis, AKBP Adi Sumirat explained, what has been achieved needs to be maintained even if it can be added. From the variables, he stressed that the service at the police station was indeed a concentration of attention. “It will be our material to improve service quality. Including an environment that is less comfortable, all become my attention, “said the Semarang Police Chief.