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GDLN Office

GDLN (Global Development Learning Network)
Gedung PKP (Pusat  Kegiatan Penelitian) Lt. 3
Universitas Hasanuddin
Jln. Perintis Kemerdekaan Km. 10 Makassar
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Vision :
Becoming partner of university/institution, business and non-benefit organization to improve civilization and global competitiveness through development of intellectual capital.

Mision :

  • Disseminating of information and knowledge that suitable with national and international requirements
  • Improving the capacities of intellectual properties through activity of education and training based on networking technology
  • Improvement of global competitiveness through intellectual properties development and the international networking
  • Improving global civilization through elimination of global information difference

Person In Charge :

  • Director :Februadi Bastian, STP, M.Si
  • Vice Director I (Technical) :Andi Dirpan, STP, M.Si
  • Supporting Staff : Amiruddin Hambali, STP


  • capacity person vary from centre to centre, from 30 - 50 persons.
  • 30 units PC 
  • The standard based CODEC with either ISDN, Serial Dedicated V. 35, or Ethernet interfaces capable of operating at 256 Kbps.
  • One standard videoconfrencing cameras with remote control for panning, tilting, and zooming (PTZ).
  • A document camera to display flat artwork or to write by hand like on a chalkboard.
  • A Scan converter for converting computer data VGA signals into video standards.
  • A LAptop computer with access to the internet
  • A desktop computer with access to the internet for a technician to control the equipment and supervise GDLN events
  • Two LCD projectors and screens, one for video signals of the VC and the other to display data from a PC
  • Quality pick-up microphones of any participan who speaks.Wireless microphones which can be passed between participants may be used
  • High Quality audio with a CODEC with built-in echo cancellation
  • an echo free ambiance, acoustical treatment of walls and floors
  • Lighting levels to give a "noise-free" video signal and a good illunimation of the participants faces
  • Color rendering of walls and furniture
  • Clear lines of sight and placing of cameras to capture clear views of the participants when they are facing the video screen/monitors
  • Multi-regional, multi-standard video recording and playback machines so that DVD from around the world can be played in the classroom


Fee For Rent

Room : $ 50/4 hours
Connection : $ 100/Hour (include for test connection)