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Spatial Analysis: Evolution, Methods, and Applications

Yuji Murayama and Rajesh B. Thapa

Development of Spatial Analysis with GIS
In a narrow sense, spatial analysis has been described as a method for analyzing
spatial data, while in a broad sense it includes revealing and clarifying processes,
structures, etc., of spatial phenomena that occur on the Earth’s surface. Ultimately,
it is designed to support spatial decision-making, and to serve as a tool for assisting
with regional planning and the formulation of government policies, among other
things. The world of GIS includes such terms as spatial data manipulation, spatial
data analysis, spatial statistical analysis, and spatial modeling. While there are
admittedly slight differences in the definitions of these terms (O’Sullivan & Unwin,
2003), they are subsumed in this chapter, which will examine spatial analysis in a
broad sense. read more

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