Using cellular automata for integrated modelling of socio-environmental systems

by: Guy Engelen1, Roger White2, Inge Uljee1 and Paul Drazan1

(1) RIKS Research Institute for Knowledge Systems, P.O. Box 463, 6200 AL Maastricht, The Netherlands
(2) Memorial University of Newfoundland, A1B 3X9 St. Johns, NF, Canada


Cellular automata provide the key to a dynamic modelling and simulation framework that integrates socio-economic with environmental models, and that operates at both micro and macro geographical scales.

An application to the problem of forecasting the effect of climate change on a small island state suggests that such modelling techniques could help planners and policy makers design more effective policies  policies better tuned both to specific local needs and to overall socio-economic and environmental constraints.
Paper presented at the ldquoWorkshop on GIS Applications in Coastal Zone Management Of Small Island Statesrdquo, Barbados

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