Seams School on Coding and Graphs

The aim of this School is to introduce the students to the fundamental theories of Coding and Graph and improve the ability of undergraduate students in coding and graph. The relation between these fields will be also discussed in this school. Their applications in real world are also explored.

Hasanuddin University and Indonesian Combinatorial Society will organize

The SEAMS School on Coding and Graphs

Date and Location:

September 28 – October 06, 2015

Meeting Room Science Building Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Unhas 2nd Floor

Objectives of the School:

  • to introduce students to the fundamental theories in numbers, coding, graph labeling, and Ramsey theory and their
    relations and applications to real world problems;
  • to provide young researchers with sufficient knowledge and background to start their research in numbers and graphs;
  • to facilitate contacts with a large number of mathematicians working in these areas and the students coming to the school;
  • to increasing students motivation to learn mathematics and to¬† develop mathematics research at Hasanuddin university.

The school will focus on the following courses:

  1. Number Theory (Speakers: Christian Mauduit, Joe Ryan)
  2. Coding Theory (Speakers: Djoko Suprijanto, Loeky Haryanto)
  3. Graph Labeling (Speakers: Mirka Miller, Kiki A. Sugeng, Nurdin)
  4. Ramsey Numbers (Speakers: Edy Tri Baskoro, Hasmawati)

Organizing Committee:

Nurdin, Unhas (

Kiki A. Sugeng, UI (

Coding and Graphs