Hasanuddin University


  1. Able to internalize professional ethics in line with maritime spirit in interacting with others.
  2. Able to demonstrate capacity in working independently and within a team towards innovative agricultural management.
  3. Able to demonstrate understanding of fundamental concepts of agricultural sciences.
  4. Able to demonstrate the ability of leadership potential in responding to global Agricultural challenges.
  5. Able to employ applied agricultural practices and land management for efficient and productive farming.
  6. Able to manage agricultural systems and technology in improving marginal lands in the Tropics.
  7. Able to apply integrated pest and disease management in supporting plant health in the Tropics.
  8. Able to perform analysis of biophysical factors affecting plant production for sustainable agriculture.
  9. Able to manage small-holder farming systems according to sustainable agricultural principles.

Study Program of Agrotecnology

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