Hasanuddin University


Hasanuddin University is one of the most prominent universities in Indonesia with approximately 30,000 students coming from different family income levels. About 30% of them are from lower income family but have excellent academic performance. To retain and encourage the students to increase their academic achievement, university provides different scholarships as follows:

  1. Beasiswa Bidik Misi DIkti
  2. Mahasiswa Unggulan Aktivis (BMU)
  3. Peningkatan Prestasi Ektra Kurikuler (PPE)
  4. PT. INCO
  5. Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (PPA)
  6. PT. Thiess Contractors Indonesia
  7. Mahasiswa yang lulus pada seleksi penerimaan mahasiawa Baru Pusat (BMU-SPMB Pusat)
  8. Yayasan Toyota Astra
  9. Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV)
  10. Peningkatan Prestasi Mahasiswa Baru (PPA-MABA)
  11. Bank Indonesia (BI)
  12. Pertamina Energi Equity Sengkang
  13. PT. Medco
  14. Indosat / PT. Telkom
  15. Yayasan Amal Masyarakat Pertanian Indonesia (YAMPI)
  16. PT. Jarum
  17. Program Kompensasi Pengurangan Subsidi Bahan Bakar Minyak (PKPS-BBM)
  18. Supersemar
  19. Ikatan Alumni Unhas (IKA-UNHAS)
  20. Bank Export
  21. Bank Niaga
  22. Bank Bukopin
  23. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)
  24. Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN)
  25. MARUKI
  26. Yayasan Kalbe
  27. PERAK
  28. Yayasan Salim
  30. JAPAN
  31. Yayasan Pertamina
  32. PT. Tabungan Pensiun (TASPEN)
  33. Eka Tjipta Sarjana
  34. Baznas (Badan Amil Zakat Nasional)
  35. Bank BCA
  36. Komatsu
  37. Bantuan Khusus Mahasiswa (BKM)


General Requirements

  1.  Applicants must be active students
    1. GPA ≥ 2.75
    2. Family income certificate
    3. Copies of family card, student ID card, receipt of tuition payment
    4. 2 color photos 3 x 4
    5. Recommendation letter from Deputy Dean III for Student Affairs
    6. Letter certifying that the applicant is not currently receive scholarship
    7. Applicant’s bank account
    8. Doctor’s certificate – clean from drug use


Specific Requirements

Twenty three amongst 37 the scholarships offered at Hasanuddin University require only the general requirements mentioned above. However, the other 14 scholarships other than general requirements, the applicants must also meet the specific requirements:

  1.  Beasiswa PT. Tabungan Pensiun (TASPEN): for the children of lower ranks of civil servants
  2. Beasiswa Yayasan Amal Masyarakat Pertanian Indonesia (YAMPI): Students in science fields and after finishing study, students must submit a copy of their thesis and a 10R photograph.
  3. Beasiswa Bank Indonesia (BI): for students in the Faculties of Economics, Law, Agriculture, and Forestry. The applicants’ age must be not more than 25 years as indicated in a birth certificate and have earned at least 90 credit units.
  4. Beasiswa PT. Jarum: Applicants must pass a psychological test and are active in students association on campus
  5. Beasiswa PT. Medco: Students of Departments of Geology and Mechanics, Faculty of Engineering; Faculty of Economics
  6. Beasiswa Program Kompensasi Pengurangan Subsidi Bahan Bakar Minyak (PKPS-BBM ): Applicants must have own business
  7. Beasiswa Yayasan Kalbe: Applicants must last-year students in the Medical School 
  8. Beasiswa PT. Thiess Contractors Indonesia: Applicants are students in the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Public Health who are proficient in spoken and written English. The applicants must also be available to join an internship 
  9. Beasiswa Mahasiswa Unggulan Aktivis: Applicants must be active in students organization activities proven with certificats.
  10. Beasiswa Peningkatan Prestasi Extra Kurikuler (PPE): Applicants who have a high achievements in art, sport, and academic activities  Mahasiswa yang mempunyai prestasi dalam bidang seni, olah raga, keilmuan baik lokal maupun Nasional bahkan Internasional dibuktikan dengan sertifikat / Surat Keputusan
  11. Beasiswa PT. Jarum: Mahasiswa yang aktif dalam kegiatan kemahasiswaan dibuktikan dengan sertifikat dan Surat regional, national, or international levels
  12. Beasiswa Komatsu: specifically for students in Mechanical Engineering
  13. Beasiswa BAZNAS: for students coming from moslem families without university graduate


Application Schedule

Application time for the scholarships vary, but in general applications are accepted in the beginning of academic year.


Applications are submitted to student affairs staff at each faculty for desk evaluation. Applications that meet the scholarship requirements will be sent to the student affairs office at the university level. The applications will then be forwarded to the sponsors for considerations. If the applications are approved then the fund will be transferred directly to the respective recipients’ bank accounts.

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