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Head of Laboratory : Prof. Dr. Ir. Sumbangan Baja, M.Phil.
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Field of Science/Lab Activities
This laboratory is one of the facilities of processing spatial data and satellite imagery for students doing their final project, considering the software used must have special specifications. Despite the limited available software, this facility is still essential to a certain extent. Facilities in this laboratory play an important role in presenting and processing various information and data obtained in the field. For example, processing the coordinates of field survey location data can be mapped according to the position of the earth's coordinates using software found in this laboratory. Aerial photo interpretation practicum activities are also carried out in this laboratory, using various interpretation equipment (mirror stereoscopes and pocket stereoscopes). The data processing and digitizing process is needed in the process of entering spatial data.

Type of services/analysis/practicum activities

Practical course activities which are part of the lab services such are:
1. Land Resource Information System
2. Regional Development Planning
3. Remote sensing
4. Soil Measurement and Cartography
5. Agricultural Spatial Design and Layout

Research activities

1. Integrated Spatial Study of Land Use and Quality in the Das Tallo Region Using the Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Approach
2. Increasing the Effectiveness of Food Land Resource Management in the Dry Climate of South Sulawesi
3. Land Suitability Criteria for Corn on Corn-Based Land Use Types Specific Medium Management Wet Sulawesi Wet Tropical Locations

Analysis / measurement services:

1. Provision and processing of spatial data
2. Training on interpretation of satellite images


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