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Plant Breeding and Seed Science Laboratory

Laboratory of Plant Breeding and Seeds is located at the second floor of Department of Agronomy, PS of Agrotechnology, with Dr. Ir. Muh. Riadi, MP. as the Head of the laboratory. The laboratory is aimed to facilitate learning and teaching process mainly for the courses of Plant breeding and Seeds Science and Technology, provided for Agrotechnology students in third semester. The facility is equipped with seeds storage facilities and other instruments for pre-planting seeds treatment. Other equipment in this facility include germination chambers and drying oven. In this laboratory, students can learn on how to test the germination capability, viability and vigor of the crop seeds. Students also can learn on seeds priming for invigoration. The facility also aimed for train the students in perform the crossing in plant breeding and to learn the principal of plant breeding and techniques.

Lab Overview:

Lab name:
Laboratory of Plant Breeding and Seeds
Room code: BG.11.214  
Lab area: 90,16 M2  
Head of Laboratory: Dr. Ir. Muh. Riadi, MP.  
Lab scientists
1. Dr. Ir. Syatrianty A. Syaiful, M.P.
2. Dr. Ir. Novaty Eny Dungga, M.P.
3. Dr. Ir. Fachirah Ulfa, M.P.
4. Cri Wahyuni Brahmiyanti, S.P., M.Si.
5. Tigin Dariati, S.P., M.E.S.
6. Nurfaida, S.P., M.Si.
Lab Assistant: Fifi Noviany  


No Lab Activities Utilization Remarks
1 Practicum of Seeds Science and Technology   Semester Gasal
2 Practicum of Fundamental of Ecology   Semester Gasal
3 Practicum of Herbicides and its application   Semester Genap
4 Undergraduate thesis research tba Semester Gasal-Genap
5 Post graduate thesis research tba Semester Gasal-Genap
6 Doctorate thesis research tba Semester Gasal-Genap



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