Hasanuddin University

Head of Laboratory : Dr. Ir. Muh. Jayadi, M.P.
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Field of Science/Lab Activities:

The Soil Microbiology Laboratory is a core laboratory for the Department of Soil Science. Academic activities and research in the field of utilization of soil microbiology which is one of the "core" knowledge of the field of soil science can be done only with the presence and support of this laboratory. In addition, environmental issues and environmental preservation of biotic production are of concern in the future, where research and development will depend heavily on microbiology laboratories.

Type of analysis/Services:
Practical course activities:
1. Soil Biology
2. Soil Quality
4. Basics of Soil Science
5. Fertilizers and Fertilizing activities

Research activities:
1. Development of bio-decomposers
2. Development of Bio-ameliorant
3. Development of phosphate solvent bacteria

Analysis / measurement services
1. Compost quality analysis
2. Analysis of microbial biomass
3. Analysis of microbial density

1.    Muh. Jayadi, Baharuddin, Bachrul Ibrahim    In vitro selection of rock phosphate solubility by microorganism from Ultisols in  South Sulawesi, Indonesia    2013    American Journal of Agriculture and Forestry. 2013; Vol. 1 No.4:68-73.
Published online December 20, 2013
2.    Hilda Karim, Tutik Kuswinanti, Ade Rosmana, Burhanuddin Rasyid    Effectiveness of Fungal and Bacterial Isolates from Rhizosphere of Passion Fruits againts Fusarium oxysporum f.sp passiflorae in Vitro    2013    International Journal of Agriculture Systems, ISSN 2337-9782, Vol 1 No. 2
3.    Burhanuddin Rasyid,  Syamsul Arifin Lias,  Masyhur Syafiuddin, Muh. Ansar    Aplikasi Kombinasi Pupuk Organik Cair Plus Untuk Perbaikan Kualitas Tanah, Efisiensi Pemupukan Dan Peningkatan Produktivitas Jagung (Zea Mays, Linn)      2013    Jurnal ecosolum, Volume, Volume 2 No. 3, ISSN 2252-7923

Study Program of Agrotecnology

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