Hasanuddin University

Head of Laboratory : Prof. Dr. Ir. Hazairin Zubair, M.S.
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Field of Science/Lab Activities
The Soil Conservation and Physics Laboratory is one of the most laboratories serving the practicum and research activities of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students as well as lecturers' research related to the physical properties of soil and water which is closely related to some basic and applied subjects in the Department of Soil Sciences such as the Foundation -Basic of Soil Science, Soil Physics, Soil and Water Conservation, Soil and Water Management and Agrohydrology. The results of the analysis from this laboratory are very important to support efforts to develop environmentally friendly agriculture, especially those related to appropriate land management techniques. This laboratory also serves consultations relating to soil and water conservation measures that are appropriate for the condition of the area that has the potential to experience damage due to erosion, landslides and others, including efforts to rehabilitate marginal lands such as ex-mining land.

Study Program of Agrotecnology

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