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Clinic for Scientific Publikation

Publication Clinic of Faculty of Agriculture established in February 2019 aimed for assisting lectures in publishing their publication. It is one of the efforts of the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture to boost the number of quality publication of the faculty.  The services provided consist of text reviews, plagiarism checks, translation and formatting for the target journals. In addition, the Clinic also provides publication workshops such as writing techniques, referencing and reference management, etc.

The Publication Clinique works closely with University Publication Management Centre. Office at Third Floor, Faculty of Agriculture.


Service provided by Publication Clinic of the Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University:


Publication numbers of the Faculty of Agriculture per 2019 at top big 5 in the University for number of Scopus indexed publication numbers.


The clinic also holds workshop related with publication such as:


Workshop activities:


Workshop Script Writing collaborated with WCP Project Facuty of Agriculture, Unhas


Workshop: Mentoring Script Writing – collaboration with WCP Project of Faculty of Agriculture Unhas.


Workshop: Research Proposal writing collaboration with Forum Dosen Indonesia (Indonesian Lecturers Forum)


Study Program of Agrotecnology

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