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On Saturday, March 16, 2019. Agrotechnology study program held a curriculum workshop. One of the aims is to discuss the revision of the curriculum. It was held in Aula Prof. Hardjono that situated at 2nd floor of the graduate school of Hasanuddin University. The workshop was attended by lecturers and staff from three departments under the agrotechnology study program, Agronomy, Plant Pests and Diseases, and Soil Science. The event started at 08.00 am, by a welcoming speech from the head of  Agrotechnology study program followed by the dean of agriculture, Prof. Baharuddin who conveyed few comments about the workshop. The main program started by a presentation by one of stakeholders, Bachtiar Manadjeng, S.P., who is an alumni of plant pests and diseases department that working for multinational company, Syngenta Inc. Then a presentation about Outcome-Based Education (OBE) which was presented by Dr Rusnadi Padjung, he is a lecturer of agronomy department and secretary of LPMI as well. After a break, the workshop proceeded with discussion regarding program learning outcomes and expected learning outcomes, the session was moderated by Prof. Elkawakib Syam’un and Dr Muhammad Jayadi. This workshop resulted in several agreements and decisions related to the revision of the curriculum, program learning outcomes and expected learning outcomes which all were agreed upon by the three departments


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