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ASIIN Visitation ASIIN Visitation Friday, 22 February 2019 Five assessors from ASIIN's international accreditation institutions visited the Hasanuddin University's Bachelor of Food Science and Technology Study Program in the framework of ASIIN's visitation. The five assessors are Prof. Dr. Harry Palm, Prof... More detail
General Lecture by Drs. Abdul Madjid Sallatu, MA General Lecture by Drs. Abdul Madjid Sallatu, MA Monday, 16 October 2017 Friday, 13th of September 2017, Faculty of Agriculture held a general lecture delivered by Drs. Abdul Madjid Sallatu, MA. (Chief of Researcher Network of Eastern Indonesia) under the topic of "Solving triangle of imbalance poverty in South Sulawesi".... More detail

Student activity


The study program consists of a combination of three departments, namely:

  1. Agriculture,
  2. Pest and Plant Disease Science,
  3. Soil Science. 

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The study program includes: Business and Management, Systems Approach, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Agricultural and Community Development: Policy and Planning, Science and Technology of Agriculture, Sociology and Culture

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Agricultural Engineering

An engineering approach, widely in agriculture that is needed to transform natural resources efficiently and effectively to human needs

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Food Science & Technology

The study program has a core competence in the field of food science and technology, particularly in food chemistry, food microbiology, food processing, food process engineering, food analysis, food quality, food safety, and food industry management

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