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Master Program of Agroindustry Engineering


The Agroindustry Engineering Study Program is the Unhas Postgraduate Program which is given an operating permit by the Minister of Education and Culture (No. 119 / E / O / 2014 dated May 23, 2014) to conduct scientific studies and development in the field of agro-industry in an integrated manner between process technology, equipment and systems management in the management of agro-industry. Agro-industry techniques have a field of study on various agricultural sectors which include process technology in the fields of agricultural, plantation, fishery, animal husbandry, forestry processing and development of processing techniques and equipment needed and management techniques in the management of agro-industries.

The Agroindustry Engineering Study Program is designed to produce masters who have the competence to carry out analysis, development, design, process control, quality control and management and problem solving in the field of agro-industry. Agro-industry techniques include post-harvest handling, agricultural products industries, forest products, fisheries products, food and beverage processing industries, biopharma industries, bioenergy industries, follow-up processing industries, agricultural machinery and machinery industries and agricultural industry services.


Become a study program that actively studies and develops science and technology through innovative learning and research activities to produce superior human and science resources in the field of continental maritime-based agroindustry by 2020


1. Organizing quality education and developing innovative science and technology in the field of agro-industry to form computational, professional and academic ethics graduates.

2. Developing research that contributes to the development of science and technology and solving problems in the field of agro-industry.

3. Carry out community service activities in the context of disseminating science and technology and the results of research that supports the development of agro-industries in Indonesia


As an agricultural country with abundant natural resource potential, agricultural, fishery, livestock and plantation products need attention to increase added value. Therefore, agroindustry needs to be developed as a formal object with the opening of the Agroindustry Engineering Masters Program which plays a role in several matters, including:

a. Produce academics, researchers, practitioners, and managers, who are professionals in the field of Agro-industry.

b. Produce graduates who are able to plan, implement, analyze, and evaluate comprehensive agro-industry fields through inter and multidisciplinary approaches.

c. Produce graduates who are able to develop and manage research in solving agro-industry problems to support development and increase added value for people's welfare.


Graduates who are produced from the Graduate School of Agroindustry Engineering at Hasanuddin University are professional masters who are able to develop, solve problems, manage research and application of science and technology in the fields of technology, engineering, and management of agroindustry processes


The main competencies of graduates of the Agroindustry Engineering Study Program Postgraduate University of Hasanuddin are having the ability:

1. Developing knowledge and technology in the field of agro-industry to produce innovative and tested works.

2. Solve problems by analyzing and evaluating based on the principles of agro-industry.

3. Managing research that is beneficial to society and science, and obtains national and international recognition

There are 2 areas of expertise in the master of agro-industry namely: (1) Process technology, and (2) Process management. Graduates' competencies based on their fields of expertise are:

Process Technology; able to develop an efficient and productive process or bioprocess of agroindustry production with technological innovation in converting various commodities either chemically or biochemically, or physically / mechanically to produce products with added value and high competitiveness.


Bioprocess Engineering and Management; able to develop agro-industry with technological innovations in the field of systems engineering and agro-industry business, with the use of resources effectively to achieve goals, through activities or studies which include planning, organizing and controlling agro-industrial systems