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Students Accompany Cocoa Farmers In Bantaeng District

A total of 47 KKN-PPM Dikti Unhas students will assist cocoa farmers in Gantarangkeke District, Bantaeng Regency. The students come from different departments within the Unhas agricultural faculty.

Students will live with cocoa farmers, study and work with farmers for one month, starting from June 18, 2019. Students are divided and distributed to three groups of farmers in Gantarangkeke sub-district namely KT Sinar Ujung, KT Talaka, and KT Sumber Jaya.

Before the students were revealed, guidance and training had been carried out related to the programs that had to be carried out and the techniques of cocoa cultivation. Cocoa technical training was delivered by supervisors and professional cocoa facilitators at KKN locations, namely Zainuddin, Ahmad Irfan Z, and Nurman. According to Asman, S.P, M.P. as one of the supervisors, technical training activities are very important to be done to prepare students to be truly ready to provide assistance to farmers.

The KKN-PPM Dikti activity has the theme of community empowerment through the improvement of the cocoa production system by the use of sustainable agricultural inputs, with a team of three people namely Asman, S.P, M.P., Prof. Dr. Ir. Ade Rosmana, and Dr. rer.nat. Zainal, STP., MFoodTech.

"This KKN-PPM program is one place where students can go directly to farmers and conduct empowerment programs and learn with the concept of" working with the community "in this case cocoa farmers so that there is an increase in skills in terms of knowledge and skills on both sides, and increased partner empowerment, Kata Asman, SP, MP

For 30 days, students are expected to partner and synergize with assisted cocoa farmer groups in the success of this program. The program is funded by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education DRPM, and is also implemented through the collaboration of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, LPPM and UPT of Unhas Community Service Program, Bantaeng Regional Government, Cocoa Research Group of Faculty of Hasanuddin University, and Farmers Group.*