Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Agriculture


Hasanuddin University

Organizational Structure

Organizational structure of Agriculture Faculty consists of dean and the chief board, senate, departments and study programmes. The chief board of the faculty consists of: the dean as the top chief, who is assisted by three deputies: Vice Dean 1 for academic affairs; Vice Dean 2 for finance, administration and facilities; Vice Dean 3 for student affairs. For administrative affairs, the faculty board is assisted by administrative division consists of: general, finance and human resources sub division; equipment sub division; academic sub division; and student affairs sub division. In addition, the faculty has a senate which is the normative and highest representative body who has authority to impose university policy and regulation in the faculty. The dean is the ex-officio chairman of the senate and is assisted by a secretary. Senate members are professors and two appointed representatives of each department.

Department is congregation of supporting staff and resources for a study programme within a respected field of science and technology. According to decree of Education and Culture Minister No. 0563/O/1980 dated December 5th 1980, five departments were officially acknowledged under the Faculty of Agriculture. They are: Department of Agronomy, Soil Science, Socio-economic of Agriculture, Plant Protection and Agricultural Technology.

Under management of a department are study programmes of mono-discipline undergraduate and post graduate. The department also associate with other multi-discipline undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes. Following the implementation of the decree of Higher Education Directorate General (DIKTI) No. 163 dated November 29th 2007, study programmes within the Faculty of Agriculture were again altered and adjusted.as shown in the following table: