Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Agriculture


Hasanuddin University

Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values


An objective to be achieved by Faculty of Agriculture in the short future (2014-2018) is the emergence of this faculty as:

A prominent center for agricultural education with global level and characters.

This vision carries definition and indication of target fulfilment as follows:

Centre of education refers to the intention of the Faculty of Agriculture to provide a comfortable, attractive and enjoyable atmosphere for the continuing activities of science and technology development in agriculture through learning, research and community extension programs. Physical atmosphere marked by the availability of facilities for learning, research and other supporting factors to meet international quality. The non-physical aspect marked by scientific activities and interaction of academic community which consistently manifests the universal academic norms and values.

Prominent, refers to the intention to place the Faculty of Agriculture in a leading position over Agriculture faculty of other academic institutions in Indonesia. Leading in terms of national and internationally acknowledged indicators such as learning performance, researches, scientific publication as well as community extension. This leading position would contribute to achieve the goal of Hasanuddin University to emerge as a world class university.

Having character refers to the intention that the graduates of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Hasanuddin possess character that enable them to contribute optimally to the development of Indonesian agriculture in particular and human civilization in general. Alumni of Faculty of Agriculture, have identity as competent character of human resources who have ethical-spiritual and rationality-holistic based competence and capacity. In terms scientific publication, Faculty of Agriculture publish concept and technology that manifest innovation for agriculture development that run in harmony with sustainable natural preservation and well-being.



In order to achieve above vision, the Faculty of Agriculture have the following missions:

Organizing learning and research integrated activities in the field of agriculture and natural resources which is relevant with progress of general development.

Organizing extension activities and knowledge transfer to community and industry.

Mastering, developing and applying science and technology in the field of agriculture and natural resources management.



The objectives of the Faculty of Agriculture are:

To deliver graduates who are adaptive, independent, business minded and responsive towards development of science and technology

To produce innovative scientific publication in the field of agriculture and natural resources in order to enrich science and technology in respected field.

To broaden networks and improve the role of this faculty through dissemination of information and innovative idea in the field of agriculture and natural resources management for the improvement of people welfare.


Implementation of Three Tasks of Higher Education Institution requires the academic staff of Faculty of Agriculture to uphold and practise the following values:

T =Tauladan (Role model)

A = Amanah (Trustworthy)

M = Mandiri (Independent)

A = Adaptif (Adaptive)

N = Nyata berkarya (Actual work)

The following are the elaboration of each word/phrase of the values:

Role model. In fulfilling the three tasks of higher academic education, the Faculty of Agriculture act as a role model for other similar institution in the region. Consequently, all the alumni with capability, competence and capacity which are based on ethical-spiritual and rational-holistic values, could be role-model for the community.

Trustworthy. All academic members of the faculty serve their duty with sincerity, on the ground that all efforts are for receiving pleasures, considering it as assignments that need accountability.

Independent. At the age of half of a century, Faculty of Agriculture should demonstrate maturity and independence and the alumni consequently, with the obtained knowledge, skill, technology and ethical-spirituality should also possess independence in collaborating with society.

Adaptive. Faculty of Agriculture and its alumni are adaptive to any changing atmosphere along with development dynamics (in economy, social, culture and technology).

Actual work. All academic members of Faculty of Agriculture should be involved in actual work for the sake of national development and contribution to civilization dynamic.