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ASIIN Visitation

Five assessors from ASIIN's international accreditation institutions visited the Hasanuddin University's Bachelor of Food Science and Technology Study Program in the framework of ASIIN's visitation. The five assessors are Prof. Dr. Harry Palm, Prof. Dr. Siegfried Bolez, Prof. Dr. Oliver Schluter, Mr. Muh. Farisan Auzan and Ms. Chriatin Habaermann. This visitation visit lasts for two days, namely 20-21 February 2019.

On the first day, all 5 assessors were received directly by the Rector of Hasanuddin University, Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, MA. in the Unhas Rectorate Building. For information, ASIIN accreditation will be conducted on four study programs at Unhas which are all at the undergraduate level, namely Pharmacy, Nursing, Aquaculture, and Food Technology. Pharmacy and nursing are in the life science cluster, while Aquaculture and Food Technology are combined in agricultural clusters.

Assessment begins with discussions between assessors and deans, deputy deans, quality assurance groups, heads of study programs, and ASIIN task forces. The discussion lasts for 1 hour. The next discussion was between assessors and students, followed by discussions with the lecturers. The discussion was aimed at confirming the matters that have been included in the Self-Assessment Report form document that was sent to the ASIIN secretariat some time ago. The discussion also aims to ask a number of things that have not been explained in detail in the forms document.

After the discussion the assessor reviewed the facilities accompanied by the lecturers and education staff, the assessors visited the Laboratory, lecture room and Library (reading room) in the Food Science and Technology Study Program.