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Rice Seed Breeding Training for Farmers

Faculty of Agriculture Hasanuddin University cooperated with the International Coperation and Development Fund (ICDF) of Taiwan hold a Rice Seed Breeding Training at Remzy Hotel, Jl Boulevard Makassar, Saturday (04/27/2019). This training conducted for three days with participants from farmer groups in seven regions of South Sulawesi province attending.

The Center Coordinator for Rice Seed Breeding Project, Yunus Musa, said that the activity produced rice seeds that were in accordance with the natural conditions in South Sulawesi.

"It is not producing rice, but breeding rice seeds targeted for quality, superior and high quality rice seeds," said Yunus Musa. Yunus Musa who is also one of the lecturers at Unhas presented, he chosed participants from farmer groups in several regions of South Sulawesi, with diverse field conditions. "Based on the results of monitoring discussions with the Head of the Agriculture Service and Head of Seeds in Maros, which is in accordance with the ratio and area of rice fields in the field," he said.

"This training is a place for sharing knowledge between participants, providing knowledge to each other aimed at empowering the power, if there are problems later, to report to the district coordinator so that this collaboration runs well," he said.

It is known, from 24 regencies in South Sulawesi, there are seven districts that participated in the Rice Seed Breeding Training, participating, Gowa with Takalar, Maros, Pinrang, Bone, Soppeng, Sidrap and north luwu.

Counselor, Agricultural Council, Executive Yuan, Mr. Mr Kao, Hsiang Thai hopes that all parties involved in the project can participate in the development of rice seeds in Indonesia specifically in South Sulawesi.

"He hopes to be able to help good relations and good cooperation. Mother's father must do the best in this project, because this project is a very important project, between Indonesia and Taiwan," he hoped, which is usually seen by Mr. Kao. (*)