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Farmer Workshop

Faculty of Agriculture Hasanuddin University in collaboration with the International Coperation and Development Fund (ICDF) held a Full Day Workshop on Farmer Organization and Agriculture Marketing at the Grand Immawan Hotel on Thursday (03/21/2019).

The activity, brought presenters from Taiwan Lin, Ling-Na as Director of Marketing and Processing Division, Agriculture and Foof Agency Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, and Chou; Zou-Nan is also a Counselor, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. both presenters are experts in the field of marketing as well as the field of farmer organizations.

ICDF leader Moh Gwo Jong said the activity aimed to increase crop yields and produce quality rice seeds with a regular system.

"We organize farmers in 7 districts to produce quality seeds to increase rice productivity to improve the system of providing quality seeds," he said, which was translated by Professor of Hasanuddin University Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Yunus Musa.

The workshop participants included Maros, Gowa, Pinrang, Soppeng, Sidrap, Bone and North Luwu.

Furthermore, in the training it will also help farmers to market quality rice seeds at reasonable prices.

"As the role of the Hasanuddin Faculty of Agriculture university to produce quality seeds, we will also market, not only we produce good food, so we are invited by experts from Taiwan because the conditions of agriculture in Indonesia and Taiwan are very similar, so we hope to create rice seeds at a price reasonable, "he said.

It is known, the activity will be continuous accompanied by experts at the Faculty of Agriculture of Hasanuddin University, so that when there is no longer a cooperative project with Taiwan, the farmer can independently run the system.

So that the aspirations expected by these farmers are achieved. 

"This project is to produce rice seeds to supply farmers' needs so that they are on time, the right type, the right amount, the right quality, the right price," he explained.


The workshop will be held for two days Thursday-Friday (21-22 / 03/2019), will be closed by reviewing agricultural locations in the area.03/2019), will be closed by reviewing agricultural locations in the area.