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Concerned about the Impact of Covid-19 on Communities, LDF Surau Firdaus Faculty of Agriculture Hasanuddin University Shares Grocery Packages

Hasanuddin University's Faculty of Agriculture, through LDF Surau Firdaus distributed food packages in the form of 5 liters of rice, 30-egg eggs, 1-liter sugar, 1-liter cooking oil and also the distribution of masks to the community. This activity was carried out on Sunday, May 10, 2020. The activity carried out still paid attention to the principles of co-19 prevention education, namely students must wash their hands using soap and running water before distributing packages.

Fahri as the chairman said that according to him this activity was very beneficial for the community, especially the elderly, children, ODP, and workers affected by this plague. " The nine basic food items distributed to the community in the city of Bekasi were 100 boxes from the donations of friends given to help the community, "continued Fahri.

Meanwhile, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Sc. Agr. Ir. Baharuddin, expressed his gratitude to the students for their care towards the public affected by Covid-19. "Thank God, we are happy because our students care about the people affected by the Covid 19 virus," he continued. *