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Department of Agriculture Socio-Economic Care for Residents Affected by Covid-19

The Faculty of Agriculture through the Department of Agricultural Socio-Economic, Agribusiness Study Program Hasanuddin University became one of the study programs that helped alleviate the burden on the community by providing food packages to a number of economically weak communities around the campus.

On the occasion of the interview (Thursday, 3/4) Chairman of the Department of Agriculture Social and Agriculture, Dr. Nixia A. Tenriawaru, SP., M.Sc. explained that this activity was aimed at assisting the community in meeting their basic needs during the period of social restrictions.

"We do this on the basis of humanity. Our lecturers who live in the area of Perdos Tamalanrea and Sunu see the concern of the community around the housing. Therefore, we are moved to help them together, especially for people with non-permanent income, "explained Dr. Nixia

This social activity was decided in a short time. The funds used to fulfill the staple package come from donations collected voluntarily from the elements of the academics of the Social Economic Department.

"Our preparation is approximately four days. We get the funds from lecturers and alumni. We have no obstacles to carry out this activity, although it is quite impromptu, but thanks to the sincere intention and solely helping the community everything can run smoothly, "continued Dr. Nixia

Furthermore, Dr. Nixia advised all people who have economic sufficiency to move together to help people who need to remember the fasting month of Ramadan.

"We will continue to make efforts to raise donations until conditions become more secure and stable, and God willing, we will continue to distribute it to people in need," said Dr. Nixia

The event coordinator, Ir. Darwis Ali, MS. added that each package of staples distributed consisted of 10 kg of rice, 8 packages of instant noodles, and 1 liter of cooking oil. This package is distributed to public transportation drivers, parking attendants, road cleaners and garbage transporters operating around the area of Perdos Unhas Tamalanrea and Street Sunu.

"We distributed 130 packages of staples. However, we will continue to look for donors to anticipate the prolonged situation which has difficulties meeting the needs of residents in the holy month of Ramadan which is getting closer, "explained Darwis.

Ir. Dervish hopes that this simple assistance can alleviate the community since the social situation changes due to the Covid-19 outbreak. (*)