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passion fruitis one of agriculture commodities that is potentially to be developed. Passion fruit, contains vitamin c as the antioxidant for human body. Fresh food generally has short energy capacity, therefore it needs further management to increase the consumption time and increase its econimical value. One of the management that generally done is making syrup from fresh fruits. Based on the explanation above, it was conducted research about the process of making fruits syrup from passion fruit as basic matter with mixture of passion fruit seed extract, so it produced a product with better quality. The objective of this research were to know and to observe the difference of increasing sugar on the making of passion fruit syrup as well as the influence of adding passion fruit seed extract on syrup. The making of passion fruit syrup it consisted of five steps, namely fruits selection and pure essence of passion fruit., preparation of passion fruit seed extract., preparation and optimizing sugar of passion fruit syrup, optimizing the content of passion fruit seed extract, and the mixing of passion fruit seed and passion fruitsyrup. Fruits were selected based on their ripeness level then washed with clean water. After that, separating the husk and the seeds of passion fruit. The flesh of passion fruit were filtered by using filtered cloth until acquiring the pure essence of passion fruit. The seeds of passion fruit the pure essence of passion fruit then filtered and acquired seeds extract. Optimizing passionsyrup with adding sugar of 60%, 65%, 70%, 75% and 80% then heated at 71-75oc for 5 minutes while stirring it. The mixing was processed in the Erlenmeyer and heated by water bath. Furthermore, it was observed at room temperature (30OC) for 3-4 days and temperature of air conditioner (20-22oC) for 5-6 hours. In this phase, optimizing was done at passion fruit seeds extract 5%, 10%, and 15% each of them are three times replication. The product of syrup with the best stability and the highest sugar content will be chosen to be used inthe mixing seeds extract 5% with each three times replication. The observed parameters were dissolved solid, vitamin c, total acid, phviscosity and the colour of syrup (spectrophotometer). The result show that the syrup contained vitamin c of 0,35%, total acid of 0,0826%, brix degree of 77,33,  it had a ph value of 3,75, viscosity of 460cp and colour of 0,58ppm

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01 Apr 2016
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