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Analysis of Physico-Chemical Properties and Functional Compounds Pregelatinization Flour from Tuber Purple Yam (Dioscorea alata L.)

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Yam plant produced high carbohydrates which contained in tuber yam. Tuber purple yam is one of the local food products that have not been widely used, especially in Indonesia. Tuber purple yam contains many nutritional components that benefit to the human body. Tuber purple yam is used, so that necessary diversification product that can be applied in the food industry. Pregelatinization is one of method physical modified starches that produces semi-finished products, these products applied to food. The use of tuber purple yam starch as raw material pregelatinization as semi-finished products that can be processed to produce instant product. This study aimed to find the combination of the amount of additional water to the heating temperature to produced pre gelatinization tuber purple yam flour. The parameters of this studywere moisture content, protein content, crude fiber content, water absorption, starch, amylose content, amylopectin content, inulin content, anthocyanin content, viscosity and properties amilograph flour.  Based on chemical properties the best result was fro a combination addition water 1: 3 (w/v) with a heating temperature of 60°C.It had water content of 8,83%, protein content 5,88%, dietary fiber content of 4,2 mg/g, starch content 56,17%, amylose content 25,28%, amylopectin content of 74,72%, anthocyanin content 41,70 mg/L and inulin content 88,74%. Based on physical properties, the addition of water treatment 1: 5 (w/v) with a heating temperature of 60°C gave the best result.It had water absorption of 2,76 ml/g, a viscosity of 9,9 cP with amilograph properties covering 85,2oC gelatinization temperature, the temperature maximum viscosity of 92oC, the maximum viscosity 40 BU, viscosity 92oC 30 BU after 5 minutes 40 BU maintained, viscosity 50oC 60 BU after 5 minutes 57 BU, breakdown value 0 BU and value setback of 2 BU. Keywords : Tuber purple yam, physical modification, flour pregelatinisasi

Author (email):
Rini Puspa Lestari, Zainal and Amran Laga
Submitted On:
17 Feb 2017
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89.08 Kb