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The Design of Graphic User Interfaces: Home Page

This is the home page for CSC 5855 The Design of Graphic User Interfaces. This is not a course on programing in Visual C++, OWL, X-windows, Java or even the MAC interface. Rather it is intended to provide a basis on which you can build when you come to work with any of these (or other systems).

Emphasis in this course is on design principles that will lead to programs with graceful, uncluttered user interfaces. To this end the course considers the following topics

  1. Cognitive Issues in Graphic user interfaces, particularly user modelling;
  2. Graphic Design and Style Issues;
  3. Devices and Response Time
  4. The Design Process
  5. System Architectures for GUI's;
  6. Event driven Programs for Graphic user interfaces;
  7. Window Implementations.

There are several books that I have found useful in preparing this material. The following is a partial list.

Other Materials

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