Board of Trustees

Board of trustees

The Board of Trustees of Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) is a governing body responsible for strategic decision-making and oversight of the university’s administration, finances, and long-term planning. Comprising representatives from various sectors, the Board ensures adherence to legal and ethical standards while promoting the university’s mission and objectives. Established to safeguard the institution’s interests and uphold its reputation, the Board of Trustees plays a pivotal role in guiding UNHAS towards academic excellence and sustainable development.

Gedung Rektorat Unhas

Forging Futures, Honoring Heritage

The establishment of Hasanuddin University officially began in 1956. However, its roots trace back to the city of Makassar in 1947 when the Faculty of Economics, a branch of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Indonesia (UI) Jakarta, was established by the decision of Lieutenant General Governor of the Dutch East Indies, Number 127 dated July 23, 1947. Due to prolonged uncertainty and chaos in Makassar and its surroundings, the faculty, led by Drs L.A. Enthoven (Director), was suspended. It was later reopened as a branch of the Faculty of Economics UI on October 7, 1953, under the leadership of Prof. Drs. G.H.M. Riekerk. The Faculty of Economics truly became the precursor of Hasanuddin University after being led by acting chairman Prof. Drs. Wolhoff and secretary Drs. Muhammad Baga from September 1, 1956, until the official establishment of Hasanuddin University on September 10, 1956.

Job and Function

Organisation Structure

Ketua Majelis Wali Amanat

Prof. Dr. Andi Alimuddin Unde, M.Si

Susunan Anggota MWA Unhas 2019-2027

Ex-officio elements: ​

  1.  Menristekdikti,
  2. Gubernur Sulsel,
  3. Rektor,
  4. Ketua Senat Akademik
  5. Ketua Ikatan Alumni (IKA) Unhas

Community Elements:

  1. Tony Wenas
  2. Bahlil Lahadalia, S.E
  3. M. Arsjad Rasjid P.M.

Lecturer Elements:

  1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Andi Niartiningsih, M.P
  2. Prof. Dr. drg. Andi Zulkifli, M.Kes
  3. Prof. Dr. Ir. Asmuddin Natsir, M.Sc.
  4. Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu
  5. Prof. Dr. drg. Hasanuddin, M.S., Sp.Pros.(K)
  6. Prof. Dr. Kartini, S.E., M.Si.Ak.CA
  7. Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Arsyad Thaha, M.T

Elements of Educational Personnel:

  1. Fadly Rivai, S.E., M.Si.
  2. Dr. Jumiaty Nurung, S.P., M.Si

Empowering Visions, Transforming Futures


Hight Quality

Providing a high-quality learning environment to develop innovative and proactive learners.


Exploring Innovation

Preserving, advancing, discovering, and creating knowledge, technology, arts, and culture.

The Maritim Continent

Applying and disseminating knowledge, technology, arts, and culture for the benefit of the Indonesian Maritime Continent

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