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120 Students Receive Eternal Fund Scholarships from Unhas

120 students at Hasanuddin University were recently recipients of financial aid from the university’s endowment. On Thursday, August 17th, at the UKM Square on the Campus of Unhas Tamalanrea in Makassar, the Unhas Rector (Prof. Dr. Ir. Jamaluddin Jompa, M.Sc.) personally delivered the aid submission as part of a memorial service.

The Unhas Eternal Fund is a fund gathered from alumni, the community and stakeholders, where funds are kept forever, whose investments are used to support the university’s tridarma.

The use of non-permanent funds such as scholarships, innovation strengthening, and community service activities

Since the launch of the permanent fund of Unhas on March 6, 2022, donations have been collected amounting to Rp. 5,209,121,275.

Granting of scholarships from the non-permanent fund to students based on criteria such as students with UKT 1 and UKT 2 groups, students registered for active semester 7 (seventh) Study Year 2023/2024

Apart from Itun, non-bearers of scholarships from other institutions or agencies are ranked according to the cumulative performance index (CIP) and the number of students receiving the scholarship based on the proportional income of the permanent funds of each faculty. (*/mir)

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