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Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanuddin University Conducts Working Visit at College of Oral Medicine TMU Taiwan

Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) Hasanuddin University conducted a working visit at the College of Oral Medicine TMU Taiwan. The delegation led by drg.Erni Marlina, Ph D., Sp.PM., SubSp.Inf (K) (International Affairs Coordinator of FKG UNHAS) was received directly by the Dean of College of Oral Medicine TMU (Professor Hsin-Chung Cheng) on Tuesday, (22/11).

drg. Erni Marlina as the team leader from FKG UNHAS conveyed the visit in order to discuss the expansion of cooperation from the Memorandum of Agreement that had been carried out by both parties in 2015. One of the implementation details in the cooperation agreement relates to sustainable research that targets the improvement of human resources and quality of life, transfer of science, knowledge and technology.

“The improvement is an effort to fulfill the target of no one is left behind as in the principle of SDGs from the UN council. This technical achievement is carried out by research collaboration, student and staff exchanges, and community service,” explained drg. Erni.

On the same occasion, Prof. Hsin Chung Cheng appreciated and welcomed the visit from the FKG UNHAS group. He also openly said that he would accept students, alumni and teaching staff from FKG UNHAS who would continue their education at TMU Hospital.

In general, FKG UNHAS continues to increase collaboration with various strategic partners including with TMU Taiwan. This cooperation will continue to be enhanced by sending staff and alumni as well as conducting joint research between the two institutions. The internationalization process is part of the commitment of FKG UNHAS to support UNHAS’ efforts towards WCU. 

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