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Faculty of Nursing In Collaboration with the International Organization for Migration Hold a Basic Training for Community Health Cadres

Faculty of Nursing (FKep) UNHAS held the Basic Training for Community Health Cadres from July 18-28, 2023. This is a part of the program officially opened by Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) Secretary Prof. Sumbangan Baja on June 27th, 2023. This training is conducted by collaborating with FKep Unhas and the International Organization of Migration (IOM). There are 30 refugees and asylum seekers as the participants. The program aimed to train refugees and asylum seekers to be the first ones to give first aid among them.

On the first day, July 18, 2023, participants were given a pre-test to measure their initial knowledge. The result will be compared with their scores at the post-test on the last day of the program to determine the effectiveness of this training.

The training includes various basic health skills, including medical confidentiality, personal hygiene, patient lifting, wound care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and many more. In addition to lectures, case studies, practicum, and demonstration methods are also applied to help participants master the necessary skills. During the training, participants look enthusiastic about attending and learning these new life skills.

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