Faculty and School

Hasanuddin University excels in developing science, technology, arts, and culture, focusing on the Indonesian Maritime Continent, aiming to nurture innovative, globally responsive leaders.

Gedung Rektorat Unhas

Embracing Aspirations, Carving Achievements

At Hasanuddin University, faculties produce exceptional scholars with a profound understanding of maritime continents. Through cutting-edge research and academic programs, students delve into maritime ecosystems, trade routes, and cultural exchanges. Hasanuddin University empowers graduates to lead in maritime domains, equipped with interdisciplinary insights and practical experience. With a commitment to excellence, the university inspires scholars to drive sustainable development across maritime regions.

Empowering Visions, Transforming Futures


Hight Quality

Providing a high-quality learning environment to develop innovative and proactive learners.


Exploring Innovation

Preserving, advancing, discovering, and creating knowledge, technology, arts, and culture.

The Maritim Continent

Applying and disseminating knowledge, technology, arts, and culture for the benefit of the Indonesian Maritime Continent

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