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Graduate School of Hasanuddin University Organizes WOSQUAL 2022 International Conference

Graduate School of Hasanuddin University held an international conference entitled “The 4nd International Conference on Women and Societal Perspective on Quality of Life (WOSQUAL) 2022”. The activity took place starting at 08.30 Wita virtually through the zoom meeting application, Thursday (11/24).

Present as the keynote speaker was Woro Srihastuti Sulistyaningrum, ST, MIDS (Director of Family, Women, Children, Youth and Sports). The other speakers were Lesley Robinson (Founder of Kendra Scott Womens Intrepenurial Leadership Institute), Ms.Bronwyn Robbins (Australian Consulate General in Makassar), Prof. Dr. Dra. Ensy Susanti (Airlangga University, Indonesia), Associate Professor Toong Khuan Chan (The University of Melbourne), Intan Indiana Hasan, M.Sc., Ph.D (University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia) and Mia Siscawati, S.Hut., M.A., Ph.D (University of Indonesia).

Prof. Dr. Nursini, M.A., as the Chairperson of the Committee explained that this conference focused on several major themes such as gender equality to women’s leadership. The speakers came from various multidisciplinary professional groups, both academics and researchers.

Furthermore, Prof. Nursini reported that approximately 130 papers were collected from various government and higher education institutions such as BRIN, Haluoleo to Gadja Mada. The collected papers will be reviewed and then published in scopus indexed journals.

Dean of the UNHAS Postgraduate School, Prof. Dr. Budu, Ph.D., Sp.M (K)., M.Med.Ed., expressed his gratitude for the speakers’ willingness to share information and experiences with the participants. He said the conference was very strategic to discuss the role of women from various perspectives.

“This conference can increase understanding and insight into how women play an important role in supporting a better Indonesia in the future. We hope that the participants can follow well and can produce ideas and brilliant ideas to further encourage the role of women in various fields,” explained Prof. Budu.

The event was officially opened by the Vice Rector for Partnership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Prof. Dr.Eng. Ir. Adi Maulana, ST.M.Phil. He gave high appreciation for the organization of the conference which will certainly increase knowledge, a place to share experiences and ideas about women’s involvement.

“I am very happy to be able to participate in this activity, there are not many international conferences that generally discuss women. UNHAS has an SDGs Center that focuses on implementing the achievement of the 17 main goals contained in it including gender equality. Various activity programs continue to be optimized with the aim that these various goals can be achieved as well as UNHAS being an example of how to implement Gender Equality, “explained Prof. Adi.

After the opening, the WOSQUAL 2022 conference, then listened to presentations from keynote speakers and invited speakers, followed by presentation sessions.

As the keynote speaker, Woro Srihastuti gave an overview of how women contribute importantly to all areas of life, ranging from households, education, research, technology, health and others, to support the continuity and development of the country. However, sometimes there are gaps in optimizing women’s potential, which not only arise from society and the environment, but also from women themselves.

According to her, women have an important position in nation building through various active involvements. He gave his appreciation for the international conference conducted by the Graduate School which generally discussed together the involvement of women in various fields. The whole series of activities went smoothly and it is scheduled that the activity which was attended by approximately 200 participants will end until 17.00 Wita.

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