Student Executive Board (BEM) Faculty of Pharmacy to Conduct AKTIMASI

Being opened by Vice Dean for Student Affairs, annually event called AKTIMASI (Ajang Kreatifitas Mahasiswa Farmasi/ Pharmacy Student Creativity Event) 2015 was launched. The event becomes a special moment for the students to show their talent either in arts or sports.


For this year, AKTIMASI was set by the committees to perform several kind of competition such as football, futsal, volleyball, badminton, basketball, chess and article writing. Those events will be joined by the students representing their generation.


The event was planned to take place around 9 days from February 2 until February 11 2015. Trophy and other prizes have been prepared by the committees for the participants becoming the winner in each competitions.


Have a good competition. Uphold the sportmanship.




Updated: February 4, 2015 — 6:25 am

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