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Academic and Student Affairs of Unhas Holds FGD to Finish SOP Preparation for International Students 

Hasanuddin University’s Academic and Student Affairs Division held a focus group discussion in order to finalize the creation of the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the admission of international students on campus. Friday, September 30th, 08:30 WITA, Meeting Room B, 7th Floor, Rectorate Building, Tamalanrea Campus, Makassar, Indonesia.

The Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs (Prof. drg. Muhammad Ruslin, M.Kes., Sp.BM(K), the Director of Education, the Chiefs of Sub-divisions and Heads of Academic and Student Affairs, and the heads of other associated work units were present at the meeting.

Prof. Ruslin stated at the outset of the activity that this operational standard is essential for the enhancement and optimization of the admissions process for international students. According to him, considerable planning is required to ensure that the process of accepting and educating overseas students at Unhas is carried out effectively.

“Thank you for your assistance as well as thoughts and input about our SOPs for international students. This is an issue that must be considered together, particularly in the academic and student communities. Not only focused on a single facet of Unhas’s international students, but also on a variety of them. Therefore, it demands the participation of all relevant aspects, “elucidated Professor Ruslin.

After delivering an introductory address, there was a discussion on numerous crucial indicators that would be exhibited in the SOP that was created. The entire sequence of events proceeded nicely until 11:30 WITA. (*/mir)

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