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Hasanuddin University Discusses the Sustainability Program with RISE Team Project from Monash University

Rector of Hasanuddin University (UNHAS), Prof. Dr. Ir. Jamaluddin Jompa, M.Sc, hosted a meeting with Monash University’s RISE (Revitalizing Informal Settlements and their Environments) Project team. The meeting took place in the Rector’s Meeting Room 8th Floor of the UNHAS Rectorate Building, Tamalanrea Campus, Monday ( February 20, 2023). On this occasion, the RISE team was represented by Karin Leder and Diego Ramirez from Monash University. Vice-Rector for Partnership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business of UNHAS, Prof. Dr. Eng. Adi Maulana, M.Phil, and Director of Partnership, Ansariadi, SKM., M.Sc.PH., Ph.D, also attended the meeting.

This RISE project is a collaboration between the Faculty of Public Health (FKM UNHAS) and Monash University which refers to the results of the RISE laboratory research at FKM UNHAS. RISE runs its program in partnership with the Makassar City government which focuses on improving the welfare of human life for health and the residential environment with sustainable development goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Representing the RISE Team from Monash University, Karin Leder said that the program run with UNHAS will continue to be developed by looking at various sectors of the problems that occur in the community. So this collaboration will be expanded in a number of aspects of research with partners. The collaboration that has been established for a long time is currently progressing based on a common vision and mission for the purpose of the welfare of community life, fulfilling all aspects of needs.

The Rector of UNHAS, Prof.JJ warmly welcomed the meeting with the Monash University delegation in order to further discuss the cooperation program carried out. He admitted that this cooperation took many strategic roles that have a positive impact on the health of people’s lives. This contribution is in line with the achievement of UNHAS as the second Best of SDG Implementation in the Higher Education category. Proving UNHAS’ commitment to implementing the SDGs within the scope of the campus.

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