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Hasanuddin University’s Faculty of Nursing and Niigita University Japan Agree to Cooperate in the Development of Tridarma

The Faculty of Nursing, Hasanuddin University (FKep Unhas), and Niigita University of Health and Welfare, Japan, agreed to cooperate in the field of tridarma development. The deal was embodied in the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the Dean of FKep Unhas (Dr. Ariyanti Saleh, S.Kep., M.Si) and the Dean of Nursing Faculty at Niigita University (Yuko Uda). The activity took place on Monday (10/10) at Niigita University, Japan.

In an interview on Wednesday (12/10), the Dean of FKep Unhas, Dr. Ariyanti Saleh, said that FKep Unhas optimally encourages collaboration with various potential partners. These strategic efforts are implemented as a form of FKep’s commitment to supporting Unhas to become a World Class University (WCU) and at the same time becoming a means of developing the quality of learning for students.

“The cooperation is generally about Tridarma (education, research, and community service), in which we will conduct research collaborations, student exchanges, visiting professors, and various other academic activities. As one of the faculties in Unhas, FKep continues to support various university strategic programs, including WCU. We expand partners not only on a national scale but also on an international scale. The expectation is, of course, that besides increasing partners, it will also have an impact on academic quality,” explained Dr. Ariyanti.

Niigita University of Health and Welfare was established in 2001 with six faculties and 13 departments. This campus is passionate about turning out health care workers who can help and improve people’s lives through a complete health care system in Japan and around the world.

In general, the faculty continues to expand partnerships with various parties. In addition to partnering with higher education in Japan, FKep also collaborates with industry partners such as Kaikoukai Healtcare Group, which is a Japanese global company in the health care industry.

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