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Indonesian Diaspora Webinar by Directorate of Partnership on “Discussing Synergy for Covid-19 Handling Innovations with I-4”

Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas), through the Directorate of Partnership together with the Unhas World Class University (WCU) task force and the International Indonesian Scientists Association (Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia Internasional or I-4), held a Diaspora Webinar Series.

The webinar with the theme “Innovation Synergy of International Indonesian Scientists in Handling Covid-19” took place virtually via the zoom application on Tuesday (07/09).

The Diaspora Webinar Series presented speakers from the International Indonesian Scientists Association (I-4), namely Dr. Muhmmad Aziz as the Chairperson of I-4 from the University of Tokyo and Dr. Sastia Prama Putri Secretary-General I-4 from Osaka University.

Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation and Partnership Unhas, Prof. dr. Moh. Nasrum Massi, Sp.MK, Ph.D., explained that in the context of handling Covid-19, Unhas had made various efforts to support government programs. Since the beginning of the pandemic, these efforts have been seen in terms of testing, tracing, and treatment steps.

To accelerate the formation of herd immunity, Unhas is currently involved in organizing various vaccination programs, such as the implementation of vaccination for students, alumni, and the general public and presenting self-isolation quarantine facilities for Covid-19 patients in the Unhas Student Dormitory.

“We hope that the collaboration carried out by the Unhas partnership in presenting this webinar diaspora series can strengthen national and international collaboration in handling Covid-19 so that it can produce breakthroughs to fight the current pandemic,” explained Prof. Nasrum.

In his presentation, Dr. Muhmmad Aziz said that in handling Covid-19, the International Association of Indonesian Scientists (I-4) became a liaison and facilitator between diaspora scientists and the government, domestic scientists, and industry.

I-4 plays a role in providing policy recommendations to deal with Covid-19 in Indonesia based on direct experience felt from scientists who live in countries affected by the pandemic, such as Japan.

Meanwhile, Secretary-General I-4, Dr. Sastia Prama Putri, explained that I-4 had provided various technical recommendations related to the acceleration of the Covid-19 response during the pandemic. These recommendations are given to the central and local governments, academia, the business sector, and the community. The recommendations may include direct laboratory cash assistance, PCR-based testing, and tracing facilities, treatment, and other facilities related to the needs of Covid-19 patients.

After the presentation, it was followed by a discussion and question and answer session. The activity guided by Asmi Citra Malina, S.Pi., M.Agr., Ph.D. (Head of Sub-Directorate for Domestic Cooperation of Unhas) as moderator, was attended by approximately 100 participants.

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Editor : Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR

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