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The Journal from Faculty of Agriculture of Universitas Hasanuddin Indexed by Scopus, First in Asia for Traditional Food Sector.

Canrea Journal in Food Technology, Nutrition and Culinary Journal managed by the Department of Food Science and Technology has been indexed by Scopus. The Scopus Content Selection and Advisory Board (CSAB) previously reviewed the Journal, and the result was announced on December 23rd, 2021.

This accomplishment makes Canrea Journal the first Journal in Asia for Traditional Food Sector and the first Journal in Indonesia for Food Technology indexed by Scopus.

In an interview on Friday (24/12), Ir. Andi Dirpan, S.TP, M.Si, Ph.D., (Editor in Chief of Canrea Journal) conveyed that the Journal was first published in 2018 with the first publication in Indonesian. A year later, Canrea Journal has successfully accredited with Sinta 3 (Indonesian Journal Accreditation system). Eventually, The achievement encouraged the editors to expand Canrea’s scope.

“At first, we did not expect to get Sinta #3 because it is quite rare for new Journal to reach that accreditation level. Therefore, we decided to reform our (editorial board) mindset and aimed for Scopus indexation. The first step taken was to upgrade the Journal language from Indonesian to English,” explained Dirpan.

In addition to changing the language, 5 (five) steps were carried out according to Scopus requirements, including the number of citations, editorial performance, geographical diversity of authors and editors, and the Journal’s uniqueness.

Regarding the uniqueness of the Canrea Journal, Dirpan said that it is the name of the journal ‘Canrea’ derived from the local language of south Sulawesi, which Is strongly related to traditional food.

Dirpan admitted that progressively developing the Journal to reach its current position was not easy. The main challenge was the number of good writing because it was hard to find articles with quality writing. Fortunately, the challenge can be settled by expanding promotion and Call for Paper and establishing research collaboration with various potential parties worldwide.

“We hope that the submitted articles can be improved in quality and, of course, provide a great positive impact to science. Moreover, we hope this achievement can encourage Unhas and its academic community to move forward and increase the number of interesting publications,” said Dirpan.

On the same occasion, the Director of Publication Management Center (PMC) of Unhas, Prof. Ir. Muhammad Arsyad, SP., M.Si., Ph.D., expressed his gratitude for the accomplishment of Canrea Journal. The Journal is the third Journal at Universitas Hasanuddin indexed by Scopus. He said that PMC had done its job in providing supervision on manuscript improvement, the process of sharpening the uniqueness of the Journal and controlling writing.

This Scopus indexation can affect Unhas’ reputation in World Class University (WCU) program. This achievement also guarantees better quality and benefits for improvement and at the same time encourage the number of writings by the academic community in Unhas.

Prof Arsyad added that Unhas has committed to fostering Journal publication in the Social and Humanities scope to achieve the same result as three journals indexed by Unhas Scopus in science.

Kumara Tungga Dewa, S.S.

Editor : Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR

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