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Universitas Hasanuddin and Universitas Airlangga Collaborates to Hold A Virtual International Symposium

Universitas Hasanuddin and Universitas Airlangga Collaborates to Hold A Virtual International Symposium

The Faculty of Dentistry of Universitas Hasanuddin (FKG Unhas) and The Faculty of Dentistry of Universitas Airlangga (FKG Unair) held a Virtual International Symposium Series # 8 under the theme “Advance Imaging in Dentistry”. The activity took place virtually through the zoom meeting application on Saturday (17/04).

There were two guest speakers invited, Dr. Priyanka Sakhavalkar, BDS., MDS., M.Sc (Doctoral Student at the University of Liverpool / Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, United Kingdom) and Dr. Varun R. Kunte, BDS., MDS (Founder, CEO of ARTHROSE Craniofacial Pain & TMJ Center, Mumbai, India.

The Vice-Rector for the Planning, Finance and Infrastructure, Prof. Ir. Sumbangan Baja, M.Phil., Ph.D., officially opened the activity. In his remarks, he expressed his appreciation for holding this international standard discussion forum as a collaboration form between Universitas Hasanuddin and Universitas Airlangga.

“The topic discussed this time is very interesting for dentistry students, especially for FKG, which is developing rapidly. We hope that today’s discussion will contribute to providing international-based research,” explained Prof. Sumbangan.

Prof. Sumbangan added that FKG Unhas had made many contributions to the Universitas Hasanuddin, one of which is the availability of Hospital Dental and Oral Health. He hopes that the speakers who are present will be able to visit Unhas when the pandemic ends.

After the official opening, the speakers continued to explain the material. The initial material was delivered by Dr. Varun R. Kunte, BDS., MDS., discussing “Biometrics in TMD & Disclusion Time Reduction”.

In his material, Dr. Varun explained biometric technology, the relationship between TM joints, masticatory muscles, and teeth measured accurately. He also provided insight into disc displacement, hyperactive muscles, and abnormal bite force distribution. The specific purpose of this technology is to use T-Scan and BioEMG.

The presentation was then proceeded by the second speaker, Dr. Priyanka Sakhavalkar, BDS., MDS., M.Sc, discussing “CBCT-Applications in Dentistry”. In general, she explained CBCT, which has been widely used in orthognathic surgical planning when performing orthomorphic facial surgery. She added that with the assistance of advanced software, CBCT facilitates soft-tissue visualization to allow aesthetic control of the post-treatment.

After all the speakers conveyed their views, we continued the session with a discussion and Q&A from the participants. The activity guided by drg. Fadhlil Ulum A. Rahman, Sp.RKG., as the moderator, was attended by approximately 130 participants, which ran smoothly until 16.30 WITA.

Marningsih Sadik, S.S. and Kumara Tungga Dewa, S.S.

Editor : Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR


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