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Universitas Hasanuddin has been involved in focus group discussion and launching INARI Expo 2022.

Hasanuddin University is one of the higher education institutions participating in the National Research and Innovation Agency’s Focus Group Discussion and Launch of INARI Expo 2022. The event took place on Thursday, February 22, 2009 at the BRIN Auditorium on the third floor of BJ. Habibie Thamrin in Jakarta.

The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) puts on the Indonesia Research & Innovation Expo every year to show off the research ideas and accomplishments of young people in the country.

BRIN held the Indonesia Research and Innovation Expo 2022 from October 27-30, 2022, with the subject “Digital, Blue, and Green Economy Energy: Research and Innovation for Food and Energy Sovereignty.”

INARI will provide content connected to the G20 and provide space and recognition for contributions from private firms, BUMN, and BUMD. Asmi Citra Malina, S.Pi., M.Ag., Ph.D., who is the Director of Innovation and Intellectual Property at Unhas, explained that Unhas will act as a sponsor for this activity and fully back it.

“Yesterday, I represented Unhas in a FGD in which growing research and innovation were discussed in general. Unhas was entrusted with the introduction of the INARI Expo 2022 as part of this activity. Citra said that INARI Expo is a place where people from all walks of life can show off their innovations.

INARI Expo 2022 is a forum for academics, innovators, and inventors from all around Indonesia, particularly those who have made significant contributions to the Indonesian people and nation. Through InaRI Expo 2022, BRIN hopes to share its research with the public and serve as a source of inspiration, particularly for the younger generation. (*/mir)

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