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Faculty of Public Health of Universitas Hasanuddin Established The First Study Centre of Healthy Cities in Indonesia.

The Faculty of Public Health of Universitas Hasanuddin (FKM Unhas) established the Center for Indonesian Healthy Cities Studies (CIHCS). This unit is the output of the study and research of Prof. Sukri Palutturi, SKM, MKes, MScPH, Ph.D. (Vice-Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni, and FKM Unhas Partnership). The CIHCS is the first study centre that focuses on healthy cities in Indonesia.

The purpose of a healthy city is to enhance efforts in preventing disease or health problems with a “whole system” approach integrating multi-disciplinary action in overcoming risk factors for various health problems. Thus, in creating a healthy city, it is necessary to have a study centre.

During the interview on Wednesday (9/6), the Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, Dr. Aminuddin Syam, SKM, MKes., MMedEd., explained that the Indonesian government annually holds a national award for a healthy city. Human Resources (HR) is certainly crucial in optimizing the prevention of health problems in the community, especially creating a healthy city.

“There are so many human resources available, which can be encouraged as task forces for healthy districts and cities, especially in South Sulawesi province. The definition of healthy, in this case, is in the overall context, both the city planning and crowdedness,” said Aminuddin.

Furthermore, Aminuddin added that the study centre is expected to become a national reference, where government agencies can conduct studies on activities carried out related to healthy cities. Through this study, each party can act locally but can have a global impact.

As the first study centre of a healthy city in Indonesia, CIHCS is hoped to become a forum for the community. It is also expected to increase understanding and knowledge about health problems which are important aspects of life.

As a first step and a mutual commitment, FKM Unhas will build networks at various domestic and international universities that are concerned with a similar issue. One of them is through a partnership with the healthy cities research centre Yonsei University in Korea. This functions to broaden the usefulness and involvement of all sectors.


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Editor : Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR

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