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Hasanuddin University’s Faculty of Engineering Collaborates with Ehime University to Host International Symposium on Disaster Risk Reduction

Hasanuddin University’s Faculty of Engineering (FT UNHAS) in collaboration with Ehime University held an international symposium with the theme “Disaster Risk Reduction and Regional Resilience”. The activity took place at 08:00 Wita on the 1st Floor of the CSA Building, Faculty of Engineering Unhas, Gowa Campus, on Thursday, September 3, 2023. Some of the speakers who attended were Tsuyoshi Hatori (Ehime University, Japan), Netra Prakash Bhandary (Ehime University), Yoshifuma Fujimori (Ehime University, Japan), Yusuke Hanatomo (Ehime University, Japan), Takeru Marui (Ehime University, Japan). As for the Unhas side, namely Dr. Eng. Ilham Alimuddin, S.T., M.Gis (Hasanuddin University, Indonesia), Dr. Eng. Hendra Pachri, S.T., M.Eng (Hasanuddin University, Indonesia), and several other speakers.

The activity was officially opened by the Dean of FT UNHAS, represented by Dr. Eng. Achmad Yasir Baeda. In his speech, he expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the good cooperation and collaboration between FT UNHAS and Ehime University, Japan. Dr. Achmad said that the activity will provide new knowledge and knowledge for participants about disaster risk reduction efforts. Moreover, Japan is known as one of the areas with good disaster mitigation.

After the official remarks, it was continued with a presentation session from the speakers, one of whom was Tsuyoshi Hatori, on “Future Challenges for Regional Resilience and Disaster Mitigation: Introduction of the Research Unit on Regional Disaster Resilience at Ehime University”. In general, Hatori gave an overview of the regional disaster resilience research unit at Ehime University. Hatori hoped that in the future, Unhas and Ehime could strengthen their collaboration in disaster mitigation efforts.

The whole series of activities took place until 14.00 CIT. During the event, FT UNHAS and Ehime University signed an MoU regarding the development of the Tridharma of higher education (education, research, and community services).

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