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Faculty of Agriculture Holds Public Lecture with Speaker from University of Colombo

Faculty of Agriculture (Faperta) Unhas held a Public Lecture entitled “Agricultural Entrepreneurship: Growing Green Business,” featuring a speaker from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Prof. B. Nishantha. The activity took place at LT 6 Faperta at 9.30 WITA (30/10).

To begin with, Prof. Muhammad Arsyad as the moderator introduced the speaker’s profile and the topic to be presented. According to him, the topic will be very helpful for agribusiness students.

“Prof. Nishantha has research related to entrepreneurship but with a new concept of green entrepreneurship, I think some of us have just heard this term,” he said.

Before opening the activity, Dr. Ir. Mahyuddin as Vice Dean for Partnership, Research, and Innovation expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the presence of speakers at Unhas, especially the Faculty of Agriculture. He said that the arrival of a professional was a rare opportunity so he hoped that the students present would make the most of this opportunity.

“This material is certainly very relevant not only for the agribusiness study program but all students of the Faculty of Agriculture because the entrepreneurship course is for all departments in Faperta,” he explained.

Dr. Mahyuddin also added that the mission of the Faculty of Agriculture is to produce alumni who have understanding, knowledge, and skills related to entrepreneurship. This is the benchmark for the Faculty of Agriculture to organize various activities with the industrial world, the business world, and other institutions that can provide opportunities for students and alumni.

Prof. Nishantha thanked the Faculty of Agriculture for the warm welcome. He asked students to consider the activity as a forum for discussion and exchange of insights related to agricultural entrepreneurship.

In his presentation, he explained that an entrepreneur is a person who can make changes or someone who can see opportunities in the market and then come up with innovative ideas. Entrepreneurs can detect issues that exist in society and then try to create something that can overcome these problems.

“Agricultural entrepreneurship is almost the same as entrepreneurship in general but we start from the concept of agribusiness. Agricultural entrepreneurs must be able to work smartly and be able to identify all opportunities,” he explained.

Furthermore, Prof. Nishanta added that agricultural entrepreneurs should prioritize environmental safety and resilience while creating innovation and profit. He said this is what is known as green entrepreneurship. (*/ff-faperta/mir)

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